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Lake Como Boat Hire

Lake Como,

Lake Como Boats Lake Como boat hire is possibly the finest way to experience the Lake in its full splendour. The perspectives are completely different and there are many more...

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A Wine Tasting Evening in Cantina Follie!

Via A Volta, 14, Tremezzo, Lombardia

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Buy a Property

Via IV Novembre 39, Menaggio

BUYING A HOLIDAY HOME ON LAKE COMO! This may not seem like and activity, but with this huge interest in second homes and the Italian lakes we now consider this to be something...

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Centro Ippico II Sagittario

Via Urago 36, Tavernerio

 The Centro Ippico Il Sagittario is a well-reputed horse riding stables in the heart of Branzia, in a little town called Tavernerio in Como. The stables are also easily...

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Civico Museo Archeologico Paolo Giovio

Piazza Medaglie d'Oro Comasche, Como

 The Civic Archaelogical Museum P. Giovio in Como is home to some of history’s greatest treasures. This beautiful museum, which was inaugurated in 1897 and has seen its...

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Como Cathedral

Piazza Duomo, Como

 The Cathedral of Como, or Duomo di Como, took nearly four centuries to build before its completion in 1740. As a result, the striking building blends hundreds of years of...

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Ease-Away Yacht Charter

The Marina, Menaggio, Lombardia

Luxury sailing on Lake Como doesn't come much better than this. Experience a fabulous sailing trip on board Jandira a Beneteau Oceanis 323 under the supervision of a qualified...

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Funicular Railway

Piazza Alcide de Gasperi, Como

 The Funicular Railway has linked Lake Como and Brunate since 1894 and is still the quickest way of travelling between these two towns. A trip on the railway offers stunning...

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Ghisallo Cycling Museum

Madonna del Ghisallo,

 Cyclists will find their niche at the Ghisallo Cycling Museum in Como. It’s no coincidence that the museum is situated on the beautiful Madonna del Ghisallo peak, as...

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International Skiing

Madesimo, Lombardia

Madesimo is in the Province of Sondrio and about 110KM north of Milan and borders Switzerland. It is about and hours easy drive from Menaggio or Varenna on Lake Como. Bergamo is...

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Local Skiing

Bobbio, Lombardia

Lake Como has its own micro climate witnessed by the magnificent flora and fauna that abounds throughout this region. In summer it can get very hot and sometimes quite humid, but...

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Sky High Sports


 For those looking to take a slightly different approach to Lake Como, you may be interested to hear that it can be a sporty hub as well as a refined retreat. Sky High Sports...

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Teatro Sociale

Via Vicenzo Bellini, Como

The Teatro Sociale in Como has recently celebrated its 200th birthday after a busy history of closures, extensions and world-class performance. Initially built in 1813, the theatre...

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Villa Carlotta (Tremezzo)

via Regina, 2, Tremezzo, Como

Villa Carlotta is a magnificent museum and botanical garden near Tremezzo, Lake Como. The villa which was built during the late 17th century by Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici was...

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Villa Del Balbianello (Lenno)

Lenno, Lombardia

Villa Del Balbianello is situated at Lenno at the far end of the peninsula Lavedo. The peninsula is covered with woods and reaches far into the lake . Thanks to its unique...

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Villa Melzi (Bellagio)


Also Count Francesco Melzi d'Eril, Vice president of the short lived Napoleonic - Italian Republic (1801 - 1803) like many influent families from milan, had a big representive...

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Villa Monestero (Varenna)

, Varenna

Villa Monastero is situated on the lake side at Varenna on the way to Fiumelatte. The villa, as the name indicates, was a Cistercian convent dedicated to St. Mary Magdalen. It was...

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Villa Serbelloni (Bellagio)

, Bellagio

Villa Serbelloni is situated on the wooded promontory of Bellagio which divides the lake in 2 branches. The villa is surrounded by approximately 50 acres of perk and garden; the...

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