La Breva

La Breva

La Breva

Occasionally we have heard the word La Breva on lake Como and wondered as to its meaning. After a little research we discovered that it relates to a" fair weather" or "warm wind". For example this extract from a book "Lady Rose's Daughter"

"The "breva", or fair-weather wind, from the north was blowing freshly yet softly down the lake" explains it perfectly.

Lake Como or Lago di Como, in summer is for sure, very warm at times and the "La Breva" is a pleasant wind which can be felt as the land heats up and draws air across the lakes surface.

La Breva is experienced and used by the local and visiting sporting community at certain places on the lake, such as Dervio which is popular for windsurfers and sailing dinghies. Add a little forward movement from a ferry service or hire boat and its someting to be savoured when next in the office in mid winter!

Many companies and products have adopted the name, restaurants and campsites, such as the "Camping La Breva" at Dongo.

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Lake Como Rentals in La Breva Winds

Rentals in the warm wind of La Breva

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