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If you are searching for a vacation property to purchase whether for your own use or rental purposes we can assist. If you decide to rent the property, we can undertake all elements of the marketing and management. Why not join our hundreds of happy owners who are already enjoying the services of HHH (Happy Holiday Homes)


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Lake Como Holiday Property

Lake Como holiday property purchase on or around the Lake Como is many peoples dream. Other people just want a more relaxed lifestyle and work from a property purchased in the Lake Como region. Property on Lake Como need not be expensive but is certainly becoming more popular. Check out the free ebook on the right handside of this page which has lots of information on buying property.

No. 1 - Find the right properties (see more)

The first port of call is to find a property on Lake Como.We have close links with Lake Como and can recommend a number of agents that will be able to help you with your search for that dream. We only recommend agents that speak more than the Italian language and who also live on the Lake. This is important as the process of purchasing may be daunting to some and advice and assistance may well be necessary. Be very specific about budget and size/location. See properties on Lake Como

No.2 - Sort the finance

You may be fortunate enough not to need finance for this purchase but most people require assistance and often they will seek to let the property to cover costs. There are UK mortgage brokers who specialise in overseas properties and mortgages are available through Italian banks. Local arrangements are in place which you may be able to take advantage of and we are happy to send links through to interested parties. Remember, as a rule of thumb, in Italy, the banks will offer a much lower equity percentage. In the UK we have seen quite low equity ownership by individuals but we would not recommend this especially in the current climate. See properties on Lake Como

No. 3 - Does the property need work?

This may well prove the most difficult issue if you have little Italian language little experience in renovations or property management. It is critical that you identify a good reliable building company or management company to take care of this. Remember Lake Como is also subject to the vagaries of builders and there working hours are not always the same as those elsewhere in the world! See properties on Lake Como

No. 4 -Letting your apartment or Villa.

Many people buy a second property as an investment for their retirement. Throughout much of the early years in may be necessary or desirable to let your property. A good holiday management and marketing company is invaluable. We would recommend Lake Como Homes

The information and quotations you receive as estimates will be necessary to work out the returns on your investment. We have a lot of data on rentals, web site traffic expected income and much more. Please feel free to contact us as well.

No. 5 - The Location

This may well be your first choice for selecting a property. But if you have a list and an idea of the income and renovation costs (if any) then you can make a judgement on the investment in comparison to your needs. As a rule of thumb, the most popular crossroads on the Lake is at the Golden Triangle (Varenna, Menaggio and Bellagio). There are lots of arguments for each place, but these are dependent on your needs. Realistically a visit is needed to decide these things. Consider however the following:

  • Rent ability
  • Resale value
  • Renovation costs
  • Proximity to the Lake
  • Proximity to the key towns
  • Proximity to Buses, Trains and Planes

No. 6 - The Visit

Simple rules apply here: Make sure your agent is punctual, speaks your native tongue and Italian language and is familiar with the properties and can negotiate on your behalf. As a bonus experience in management of properties and renovation will be the icing on the cake. For flights and accommodation we suggest this link

No. 7 - The Purchase.

Work out carefully the costs including taxes, any VAT (new builds), notary costs, agents costs and the management and booking fee costs (rental properties). There are many very good books on this, but your local agent can be a very good source for local assistance.

No. 8 - Learn the Language

Perhaps you already speak the language, if not then think about a course or private instruction.

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if you want personal service please contact us with your requirements and we shall put you in touch with the correct people and send information on finance, letting and more.... Contact us here for a selection of properties.


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