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Popular Towns


You pass through the small town of Argegno when traveling up the Western shore of Lake Como from Cernobbio/Como to Menaggio.Well placed and sheltered, it is situated in a large inlet at the mouth of the Val d'Intelvi. This river flows at varying rates throughout the year as its tumbles from the mountains between Como and Lake Lugano.

Looking across the lake you can see Bellagio to the north and as far as Nesso towards the south. The village is of Roman origin and owes its name to the consul Publio Cesio Archigene. With the Lake being ruled by warring factions centuries ago, Argegno formed part of a defensive system, which extended as far as the ancient villa of Lenno and to Isola Comacina.

This picturesque and ancient village is crossed by the Telo stream which splits into two parts, after falling down from a the towns ravine. The two are joined by an old stone bridge with a lancet arch.From Argegno, it is possible to take a cable car up to Pigra (881 mts.), which is
situated on a plateau that enjoys a beautiful view of the lake. From here, it is possible to go on to the Valle della Camoggia, which is in the oasis of Argegno-Cima della Duaria, a conservation area.The road, which runs along Val d'Intelvi, also starts from Argegno and after following this road for about about 16 km, you will arrive at Lanzo.

The best way to appreciate Argegno is to walk up one of the narrow lanes. Most are paved with intersecting fan pattern of small square stones typical in much of the area. This area is almost entirely residential but the walkways are impeccably maintained with potted red geraniums and colourful flowers contrasting with the ancient brickwork and facades.

Lake Como is made up of lots of towns and many villages all with their own sights and sceneries. Argegno has "The Sanctuary of Sant'Anna" This Church was built in the seventeenth century and was subsequently renovated. Inside there is find stucco work and frescoes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Close by there is also the Oratory of San Rocco in Pigra Built in the fifteenth century, this contains frescoes from 1.662 signed by S.Pozzi. Argegno borders the following municipalities: Brienno, Colonno, Dizzasco, Lezzeno, Nesso, Pigra, Schignano.

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There are 22 hamlets all over Bellagio from Lake Como to the top of Mt. San Primo, the tour starts from Borgo, at Piaza Mazzini, which is a rectangular shaped piazza with a lot of arcades, underneath is the inscription on the dark stone column that marks the level of the lake's floodwaters in 1829 and 1868. Admire the entrance of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, a property given to the Rockefeller Foundation of New York, uphill is Punta Spartivento where you can get an exceptional view of Lake Como.

Walking to Piazza San Giacomo, St. James Basilica, where the bell tower has the Memorial plaque in honour of those who died during the WWI, along Salita Serbelloni and Via Garibaldi are the Serbelloni steps flanked by colourful shops, bars and restaurants along Salita Serbelloni, further are basilicas of St. Giorgi, San Giacomo. The exit is a beautiful promenade, then the magnificent English style gardens of Villa Melzi, as you go through the archway on the left is Hotel Genazzini, now called Hotel Metropole, which was the very first hotel in Bellagio.

A walk through Bellagio's historical treasures as tour guides relates something about the factual events of the town's history, you will find yourself in absolute awe of the best views of Lago di Como and Lake Lecco and Rediscover the ancient pictures and paintings of the 11th century found in the churches of Civenna and Limonta.

While walking, you will be able to see ancient monasteries of the hermits from the 10th century, the Hermitage and the caves, plus the view of the mountains from Rovenza to Gravedona and up the Nuvolone Mountain, from the typical mountain village of Valmenaggio gives you the enchanting view of the three branches of the lake, an easy walk will lead you to the chapel of San Domenico, the old furnaces and the chiarella spring, a Roman grave and an old sanctuary.

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Laglio has become famous in recent years for its Hollywood association with George Clooney, who purchased a Villa and set a trend with his pals and other celebrities.

Laglio has become famous in recent years for its Hollywood association with George Clooney, who purchased a Villa and set a trend!

The commune of Laglio, again on the Western shore is divided into the two centres of Laglio and Torriggia on Via Regina. Looking to the rear of the village, dense woods stretch up along the slopes of Monte Colmegnone (1,383 mts.). Torriggia is located opposite Careno, on a headland, which extends towards the middle of and the narrowest point of the lake (675 mts.).

The village is of Roman origin of the have been confirmed by a gravestone which was found in a locals home, at the beginning of the 20th century. From 1928 to 1948, Laglio formed a single commune with Brienno.

One of the curiosities of this small village is the cemetery where there is a curious eighteenth-century sepulchral monument of a German doctor, in the shape of a twenty-metre-high pyramid.

A point of notable interest is the Buco dell'Orso (Bear hole), which is a large cave that is passable for about 150 mts. and which opens on the slopes of Monte Colmegnone, at a height of 600 mts. It is famous because many bones of cave bears (Ursus Spelaeus) were found there in the eighteenth century. Their skeletons are in the Museum of Natural History, in Milan, and in the local Town Hall.

As with all good Italian villages the religious centre is important. The Church of S. Giorgio built in the sixteenth century contains stucco work by Stefano Salterio of Como (18th century and paintings and sculptures from the seventeenth century.

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