Lake Como Villas

Lake Como Villas

Lake Como Villas

Lake Como have been featured in several films including Star Wars and James Bond. Most of these villas cannot be rented however, but we can help with a selection of smaller private villas for rent! (also see apartments)

Lake Como Holiday Homes


There are many villas and apartments found on beautiful hill top loations with breathtaking views of Lake Como. There are others that reach to the lake shore and are in quiet positions within their owne grounds. These private villas are world-famous and many can be rented thorugh our partners,Lake Como Homes,

We have provided links to a new villa website Lake Como Villas. This website has a great deal of in depth information on many of the local villas, from celebrity to classical. Please visit this site for more information. There is also the opportunity to rent a luxury villa owned by one of these famous people. For more information on villas for rent in other Italian lake locations please see our Discovery Holiday Homes website.

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