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Lake Como is idyllic wedding country with its natural romance, unadulterated beauty and innovative elegance. Crisp blue waters, an Alpine mountain backdrop, sun-soaked shores pricked with historic architecture and classic villas, as well as pure Italian elegance fuse together to make Lake Como a remarkably charming wedding destination. What’s more, thanks to Como’s mild climate, weddings usually take place in the area all the way from March through until October and November. There are copious wedding planners which can help you organise your special day and honeymoon on Lake Como, but here’s a hint of what you might experience if you choose to say your vows by the Italian lakeside.

Lake Como boasts an abundance of wedding venues; you will have the choice of the twinkling Lido di Lenno with its own lakeside beach, the James Bond star Villa Balbianello, Villa Carlotta and its exquisite botanical gardens, the regal Villa d’Este and many more. Thanks to this bountiful choice, Lake Como can cater to various wedding sizes. Small intimate weddings often find their home in the magical gardens of one of the town’s villas, whilst larger family weddings can also easily be catered for on petal encrusted terraces.

Villa del Balbianello has several stunning features, perhaps the most famous of which are its three regal arcades, or Loggia, which are wrapped in beautifully winding Ficus Repens. The Loggia frames a dual landscape, the central lake Tremezzina on one side and the basin towards Comacina Island on the other, making for a striking photo backdrop. Both the service and reception can take place in this glorious setting and the bride can even arrive in style, by boat, with a glass of champagne in hand and accompanying music if she so wishes! For the reception, the garden can be bedecked in anything from beautifully embroidered blankets to chaiselongs! It is difficult to beat a wedding night with friends which offers panoramic lake views, a softly candlelit atmosphere, classy music and master cuisine courtesy of the Villa’s chef. Let yourself be enraptured by this bewitching location.

Villa Balbianello was originally built for Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini at the end of the 18th century and its last owner, Guido Monzino, was an explorer. Monzino also bedecked the Villa with vibrant collections of art from exotic places around the world including China and Africa, as well as indulging in precious English and French furniture from the 1700’s. The Villa houses a museum which pays homage to Monzino’s elaborate expeditions, such as his being the first man ever to climb Everest. The Villa is based in Lenno, a village steeped in Roman history, as well as being home to the romantic Tremezzo Mount. Other features of the Villa itself include extensive, charming and colourful gardens and terraces featuring shrubs sculpted into chandeliers, as well as the archaic Church of Cadenabbia which was built on the ruins of the old antique chapel. Oh, and the Villa also starred in the Bond film Casino Royale.

Meanwhile, Villa Carlotta is situated in Tremezzo, nearby to Bellagio and Varenna. Villa Carlotta will delight your starry-eyed visions with its exotic trees and kaleidoscopic flowers including Azaleas blossom and Rhododendrons. Weddings in Villa Carlotta can be celebrated outdoors on the verdure lawns or in the gorgeous ‘Sala dell’amore’ which is embellished by two captivating murals of Love and Psyche by the Canova School and the Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet by Francesco Hayez. The Villa is set in 70,000 square metres of gardens and its name is derived from Marianna of Nassau’s, Albert of Prussia’s wife, daughter Carlotta. The Villa was given to her as a wedding present when she was betrothed to George II of Saxen-Meingingen, making it the perfect location for welcoming future married couples. Those who choose to wed outdoors on the terrace will be encased in surroundings of camellias and roses before heading inside to enjoy champagne in the Villa’s antique greenhouse.

Villa d’Este in Cernobbio is another option for your Italian wedding, having been elected as Best Hotel in the World by Forbes travellers. This Villa boasts 16th century heritage, classic romance with its vaulted ceilings and secret grottos and insurpassable beauty thanks to the oasis-like gardens and lakeside location. Bride and groom will even be able to enjoy their own private secret garden dinner, nestled deep in the fabulous grounds.

Lido di Lenno offers couples something different for their Lake Como wedding. Rather than historic stupor, Lido di Lenno offers a sleek, contemporary wedding experience. Chicly designed interiors complimented with a private lakeside beach for your lantern lit wedding dance suggests that Lido di Lenno is perhaps the frontrunner for those wishing to enjoy a tropically infused wedding on the lakeside. The venue is known for providing superlative and friendly service to betrothed couples, as well as superb cuisine. The interior decor lives up to expectations of a slinky city restaurant, warmed with rustic timber touches. Either way, if you choose to get married in a glorious villa then come to Lido di Lenno for a beachside honeymoon and if you opt for Italian chic in the form of Lido, spend hours amongst the aromatic blossoms of the villas’ gardens.

A Lake Como wedding will make you feel like royalty; richesse is part of the parcel of this glamorous island experience. A far cry from the normality of everyday life, everything about Como sparkles, nay, glimmers classily. For such reasons Lake Como is also top celebrity hideout and world-famous location; many stars have tied the knot around Como’s shores; including Chrissy Teign and John Legend earlier this year. Other famous faces whom have graced Lake Como’s shores include George Clooney and Winston Churchill; the place oozes charisma. To get married in Como is to become the movie star in your own love story, which has been penned perfectly to suit you.

Whilst you are staying in the area for your wedding and honeymoon, do be sure to pay a visit to the stunning lakeside towns of Bellagio, Varenna and Tremezzo. Learning a little more about the local area will only intensify your awe of it. Lake Como is what was described by Virgil as ‘our greatest lake’ and it is in fact Europe’s deepest lake and the third largest in Italy. Aside from the waters, the old walled city of Como lives up to its luxurious nature, as a city famous for its sublime silks. The medieval quarter is also home to the beautiful 15th century Duomo, or cathedral. Venture outside of the city to while away the hours in waterfront cafes and stunning villa locations, many of which could be chosen as wedding venues. Couples are also encouraged to explore further afield, as the wonderful cities of northern Italy such as Milan, Verona and Venice are all within travelling distance.

It is worth noting that the villas around Lake Como can perform civil ceremonies as well as weddings, and there are a plethora of wedding planners based in the area to help you make your day more than what you imagined it could be. Whether you want to be married in a magnificent villa, traditional hillside church, charming lakeside town hall or a rustic harbour restaurant is totally up to you. Before you know it you will be sipping wine in a traditional wine cellar with your loved one, hidden away from the crowds and wishing you could do it all again.

Lake Como Homes frequently provides accommodation for wedding groups and honeymooners and point you in the right direction for organising all the detail. There are also a number of specialist companies who can help you make that special day memorable.


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