Lake Como Boat Hire

Possibly the finest way to experience the Lake in its full splendour

Lake Como Boats

Lake Como boat hire is possibly the finest way to experience the Lake in its full splendour. The perspectives are completely different and there are many more aspects of the famous villas and terrain you can see. In addition you are are not subjected to the ferry timetables or the interesting driving of some of the locals.


Lake Como Hire Boats

These Lake Como rental boats are all brand new and comfortably seat 4, with space for a couple of younger members as well. The boats are managed by Happy Holiday Entertainment in Menaggio and are fully licensed. You will need to sign paperwork for insurance purposes when you collect the boat. You will also be given full instruction on the use of the boat and safety aspects. All prices include fuel, except for a full weeks hire. You do however need to consult with the team upon arrival if a full days motoring is envisaged.