Sailing on Lake Como is a great way to be introduced to the sport


Lake Como is the ideal location for taking a sailing holiday or break. Dingy sailing is very popular and there are often regattas and sailing championships.

Sailing on Lake Como is a great way to be introduced to the sport. You can take a few hours of basic training which can be spread over a short holiday break of three to five days. This will give you the confidence to return home with sailing experience and increase your expertise at a local club or to buy your own dingy. For intermediates you can improve your sailing experiences and capability and compete in local events.

How difficult is sailing. Not at all is the answer. If you start on “easy to sail” dinghies in light weather, then the basics come very easily. You only need to wear sensible clothes and a life jacket. The Italian Lakes are not like the great oceans where you may encounter more serious water and weather conditions. Sailing is as easy, or easier than almost any other sport. It does not require great hand-eye co-ordination, balance or a license. That’s 3 great reasons to start!

Sailing however can give a great buzz. With a following wind and a good reach, the boat can skim across the water at sup rising speeds. Tacking and coming in against the wind is of course the part which motor boat enthusiasts will decry. They however leave a big carbon footprint, have a motor howling in their ear and the level of exercise is clearly less! The silence with just the rush of water at the bow and the fantastic views from the Lake, which are totally different to viewing from the shore, make this a worthwhile experience!

The Lake as with many bays and coastal areas tend to see calmer water, as the water and the land mass have equilibrated temperatures. This is when you will see the most motorboats and water skiers. They always give way to sail however and there is no reason to be nervous. As the day progresses the wind tends to pick up a little and you will see more wind surfers and sailing dingiest out on the water.

There are a number of sailing courses and most are for adults,in groups or privately.

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