Without a doubt, the easiest and most sophisticated way to sight-see Lake Como in Northern Italy is by boat – unless you’re lucky enough to be invited to join a friend on their’s or own one yourself, the alternative is to hire one (the rental is straightforward and there are more & more boat hire businesses to choose from around the lake depending on where you’re staying).

It goes without saying that there are limitless photographic opportunities whilst navigating this beautiful 56 square mile glacial lake. Dotted in-between picturesque gardens, tiny harbours and colourful villages along the shoreline – you don’t need to travel very far before your eye is drawn to the most fantastical, architectural villa masterpieces you’ve ever seen and I can count twenty that I know of.

Photograph of Lake Como

These magical villas are not just owned by the rich & famous but a healthy proportion by the highly respected Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI – the National Trust of Italy) making many of them very accessible to enthusiastic visitors from all over the world.

Suddenly, your photo  lens is directed away from the delicious green hillsides, the villas and the terracotta roofs to the shimmering water of the lake – your mouth a gasp as the most beautiful object you’ve ever seen as it shoots past – you’ve been dreaming of this moment all day, an indescribable work of art – the most impressive of them all, the legendary Riva Yacht with a 175-year legacy and shipyard Riva just 95 kms away on the banks of Lake Iseo.

Lake Como is unquestionably one of the desirable destinations to photograph with breathtaking beauty everywhere –  whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

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