Livigno Ski Apartments

Livigno Ski Apartments

Why Ski Livigno? Livigno is a beautiful village in the heart of the Italian Alps in the province of Sondrio,close to the Swiss border. Sondrio is also a town at the head of  Lake Como. At 1,816 meters above sea level, Livigno has an excellent reputation as a ski resort in winter and the summer provides plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling enthusiasts to get out and about.

Known as Piccolo Tibet   (Little Tibet) - because of its remote location, it is popular with locals and many Europeans. It became much more widely know in 1964 when the Munt La Schera tunnel opened.

Surrounded by the Livigno Mountain range and situated in the long Livigno Valley, the town enjoys all the advantages of a great location. Livigno benefits from bright sunshine throughout the year from dawn until dusk but its location ensures snow most of the year around and beautiful conditions.

The Italian Stelvio National Park and the Swiss National Park connect locally and make the whole area a place of breathtaking natural beauty, providing stunning, panoramic views. 

Livigno is also renowned for its shopping, and part of its fame is due to the tax free status. For many centuries, Livigno was largely isolated from the rest of Italy, particularly during the long winter months. This kept the area in poverty. Smuggling was widespread and almost necessary to survival in the harsh mountain climate.

This tax status has helped enable Livigno to grow and develop as popular tourist location. Recent decades have brought a new found wealth to the area, and as access to the region has improved.  Some outsiders have now started to question whether its duty free status is still justified.

As a popular ski resort, the Livigno Mountains offer many facilities for winter skiiers. There are also opportunities to ski on the Stelvio Glacier. With a total of 115 km of ski runs and many ski lifts, it is an excellent place for all manner of ski holidays.

There are lots of places to ski and ski rentals are a popular place in winter or summer. With apartments ranging from accommodating large numbers down to studios, there is something fior everyone. To see a list of ski accommodation in Livigno please see these Apartments in Livigno

The mountains slopes are also full of great  hiking trails which include old historic smuggler routes, paths through forests and along mountainsides, all giving spectacular views.  The slopes are also covered with many mountain bike trails and are a popular summer spot for people who enjoy the sport. A total of 3,200 km of mapped trails and GPS tracks can be discovered around Livigno.

If you would like to see more information on Livigno, please see our Livigno Ski site

Below is an example of one of the Apartments avaiable for rentals:

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