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Lake Como

Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Not just our words, but those of many philosophers, travel journalists and the people who travel there every year.

Lake Como is over 20 miles long with Como, the main city to one end of the lake. In the shape of an inverted Y, Como is at the end of the south west leg, Lecco to the south east leg and north toward the Alps and Colico, Gera Lario and Domaso. One of the deepest lakes, it reaches 1300ft at its deepest and surprisingly this puts the bottom below sea level! Fed by the river Adda and flowing out at Lecco, Lake Como sees high water levels after rain especially post winter thaws.

Central to Lake Como, also know as "Lario" by the locals, are the three famous towns of Varenna, Menaggio & Bellagio which form the golden triangle centre to the Lake with mountains arising all around. These three towns are the only car ferry ports on Lake Como. Varenna has a train station, Menaggio is the beginning of the pass over to Porto Letizia and Bellagio provides access to the countryside between Lecco and Como.

-There are ferry services along the western branch and northern end of the Lake (between Colico or Piona and Como town), with additional shuttles to the mid-lake area.
-Fast services that follow broadly the same route, but use faster hydrofoils, stop less frequently, and cost extra.
-Ferries that run only between the popular mid-lake villages of Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna, plus Cadenabbia. Some of these ferries carry vehicles as well as passengers

Lake Como weather can be humid but the lake stabilisies the average daily temperatures range which are about 3-4C in January to 23-24C in July.

Car Rentals from the Airport

Many people who visit Lake Como travel by hire car from the airport, either Bergamo, Linate or Malpensa. Deciding which car company is always a challenge. Our experience shows of all the car rental companies, "RentalCars" is the best.

Taking Fido to Lake Como

The first thing to consider is what you are going to do when you get to Lake Como and what are you going to do with your canine friend whilst there. Perhaps your pet is elderly and likes a calm collected and less energetic pace of life, or perhaps like you, they enjoy walks and the great outdoors.

If it is the latter, then Lake Como offers a great variety of hiking options, easy walks  to the more difficult ones for skilled and active hikers.  There are many paths that run between the villages and many that reach up to the mountains. These latter ones have recesses located at strategic points shelter to travellers who are passing through.  If you want an example of  the potential routes then the Via dei Monti Lariani is a six day hike from Cernobbio to Sorico or the the Sentiero delle 4 Valli which is a a three day hike from Breglia to Dasio Valsolda, or the Dorsale del Triangolo Lariono, a two day hike from Como to Bellagio.

The following is a link to our dog friendly article on Discovercomo. Please make sure they are well behaved and on-lead where necessary.  The countryside is very clean and cared for, so take poo bags and dispose of correctly.

Passpawt is a dog friendly travel information site that will be providing an "easy to use guide" on veterinary information and legal requirements.

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