Explore Bellagio

Bellagio has lots of interesting places worth visiting, including Villa Balbianello, Villa Melzi and chapel of San Domenico, or you could explore some of the picturesque towns & villages that surround Lake Como.

Bellagio Lakefront.

The most beautiful spot on Lake Como is the old town resting on the mountain slopes surrounded by green woods, from the town centre to Villa Melzi is an avenue of trees and flowers with fragrances of precious camphor, between the lake and the mountains, Bellagio is divided by the via Garibaldi and criss crossed by a series of pretty lanes of azaleas running down the hillside to the lake, Salita Serbelloni is one of these lanes. The villas and gardens of Bellagio are living witnesses to the memories of aristocratic days of the 16th to 18th century arts when Bellagio was one of the most exclusive resorts in Europe, these opulent architecture and the gardens filled with colours, rare trees and shrubs are a true delight.

Bellagio Views

Water Taxi Tour of Lake Como.

Be onboard on a two hour private cruise on a stunning boat to luxuriously see more of the lake, or a combined lake tour to visit one of the lake’s most beautiful villas, Villa Balbianello, or see the stunning beauty of a sunset in the evening with a pre dinner cruise. A two hour water taxi tour is a worthwhile experience to live and tell about one of the most breathtaking places in the world, immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery on a guided tour by an English speaking local, so if you are a traveller who truly has passion about travel, this is a great way to go out on the lake in style and see how beautiful and magical Bellagio is, these water taxis offer a full day charter every two hours.

Exploring Bellagio.

There are 22 hamlets all over Bellagio from Lake Como to the top of Mt. San Primo, the tour starts from Borgo, at Piaza Mazzini, which is a rectangular shaped piazza with a lot of arcades, underneath is the inscription on the dark stone column that marks the level of the lake’s floodwaters in 1829 and 1868. Admire the entrance of Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, a property given to the Rockefeller Foundation of New York, uphill is Punta Spartivento where you can get an exceptional view of Lake Como.

Walking to Piazza San Giacomo, St. James Basilica, where the bell tower has the Memorial plaque in honour of those who died during the WWI, along Salita Serbelloni and Via Garibaldi are the Serbelloni steps flanked by colourful shops, bars and restaurants along Salita Serbelloni, further are basilicas of St. Giorgi, San Giacomo. The exit is a beautiful promenade, then the magnificent English style gardens of Villa Melzi, as you go through the archway on the left is Hotel Genazzini, now called Hotel Metropole, which was the very first hotel in Bellagio.

Hotel Metropole

A walk through Bellagio’s historical treasures as tour guides relates something about the factual events of the town’s history, you will find yourself in absolute awe of the best views of Lago di Como and Lake Lecco and Rediscover the ancient pictures and paintings of the 11th century found in the churches of Civenna and Limonta.

While walking, you will be able to see ancient monasteries of the hermits from the 10th century, the Hermitage and the caves, plus the view of the mountains from Rovenza to Gravedona and up the Nuvolone Mountain, from the typical mountain village of Valmenaggio gives you the enchanting view of the three branches of the lake, an easy walk will lead you to the chapel of San Domenico, the old furnaces and the chiarella spring, a Roman grave and an old sanctuary.