Cioccolandia di Oriana de Marco

Coffee lovers who shun corporate café chains will find their haven here

Cioccolandia di Oriana de Marco

Cioccolanda di orians de Marco is a well-kept Como secret. Still without a website and only really known through Chinese whispers of its excellent chocolate and coffee, this is a spot worth discovering.

The small café prides itself on homemade produce and an unparalleled knowledge and variety of coffee. Coffee lovers who shun corporate café chains will find their haven here, with imaginative specialities brimming from the menu. As well as coffee beans of enviable quality, Cioccolandia di Oriana could offer you a Montezuma special blend of espresso, cream and high quality chocolate; Italian indulgence doesn’t get much better. Alternatively, have a taste of their deliciously refreshing yet gorgeously creamy Pistachio Espresso. You’re bound to find something which takes your fancy on one of the beautifully hand written menus, carefully annotated with loving doodles, stars and recommendations by the staff members. The owners are known for being incredibly friendly and attentive, so if you’re a first time coffee taster then absolutely begin here – you’ll be introduced to the cream of the crop and have drinks made to your preferred tastes.

The café has an idyllic post card appearance with stone walls and quaint circular tables decked with scarlet cloths on the terrace and nostalgic timber interiors. On visiting the café, you may well feel as if you have walked onto the set of Chocolat! But Cioccolandia di Oriana is no effort of emulation but instead, as the frequent crowds of locals show, the real McCoy. The authenticity and relatively unknown status of this little gem makes it a perfect spot to retreat to during your holiday in Como. You might even need to visit several times to feel fully acquainted with the art of the chocolatier – it would be rude not to.

Via Rusconi 12
Como 22100 Lombardia IT
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